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Car GPS Slovakia
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Car GPS Slovakia

Anyone ever been to Poland?

I'll soon be traveling there and I need to know whats the best means to travel from place to place (bus, rent a car) And what's the best places to go and where to eat!


I would 100% rent a car as it will give you more freedom and buses only go on fixed routes. And when you do rent a car make sure it has GPS in and you will be able to get everywhere then.
OK so this is the best place in Poland as they have service centres all over Poland and if you have any problems then you can take the car to the local dealer

cost...31.00 EUR = 45.5054 USD per day

Well where to go in Poland
1 - Wieliczka - every visitor to Poland should visit the salt mines at least once

2 - Krakow - has the oldest medieval market square in Europe.
3 - Zakopane - is the ultimate tourist spot! To really appreciate the Tatra Mountains., you need to get away from the congested streets of Zakopane and visit the smaller towns around there and even pop over the border to Slovakia, which is 40 mins away and well worth the visit, that's why a car is more essential as it broadens your scope.

4 - Warsaw - Although Warsaw was tragically destroyed in the world war II, to some extent it has been rebuilt and very carefully restored. So I will refer you to Martyna's answer here as she covers all the places for Warsaw:;_ylt=Ape1AdkPlEHk.vEDN4quTo2DEBV.;_ylv=3?qid=20080215104316AAPG6Wo

5- Gdansk The Tri City
A personal favourite of mine.
The magic of this place is a choice of three cities, connected and blending in to one. the historic splendor of gdansk old town, the bohemic vibe of sopot and the modern creativiy of gdynia, all seperate cities, all mixed in to one.
But what really makes this corner of poland special is the beach. the miles of clean white sand, bike paths running through cool forests bordering the beach, clean clear water of the baltic bay, bars that suddenly appear and stretch beach life late in to the night, little fish bars, freshly painted and wafting their delicious smells, groups of locals relaxing on the sand enjoying a quieter pace of life, swans that gather round the peir in sopot, lights around the bay that shine up as dusk falls, welcoming in the evening's fun
Visitors are surprised by just how much the tri city has to offer - poland is still an unusual tourist destination for many in england. the thought of walking barefooted along the sands of the baltic bay, as the sun sets and the music from sopot fills the night air is not what they expected from a friday night in poland.

OK next part, where to eat, don't know how to answer this one really as I am not a big fan of Polish food but that is a personal thing and many of my English friends find the food here in Poland wonderful.
So avoid the roadside fast food places like the plague, but I guess that is the same in all countries.

If you want to learn a bit of the language before you go to Poland then I would advise you to take a look at these pages that I have done and they will help you learn the basics;_ylt=Ah3fkZucFQ4avzE7ACFXKDHh5gt.;_ylv=3?qid=20080420200008AA7TsfF&show=7#profile-info-d509c99604062928e40015947d7bdf3aaa
Some other websites:

And if you ever get near Pulawy in the south-east look me up for a beer :O)

And if you are in my area you must visit Kazimierz Dolny, one of the most beautifully situated little towns in Poland.

Have fun :O)

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